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How to get the best price at pawnshops?
A-1. Do you want to sell or get a loan?
Lot of the time, pawnshop owners will provide you more money for selling an item, but a pawnshop owner with a long term view would prefer to make you a loan so that you'll return for more business. For example, if the pawn shop owner does not prefer to hold the item, they will provide you 10 to 20 percent more then they would provide you for holding the item for loan.
2 - Know the terms of the loan
The most important thing regarding to pawning your item is to know the terms of the loan provided. There are a lot of times when if you hold the loan for long enough, the interest money may go higher then the loan money. Some of the pawn shops offer a 60 day loan period which would usually have a 6 to 20 percent interest rate. Online websites have a 3 to 6 percent interest rate with a 90 day loan period.
3 - Always look around
Jewelry stores and pawnshops will pay top prices when gold prices are high, but you can still find better prices by shopping around.
Go to a few jewelry stores to get your diamond ring appraised; or to an art dealer for an estimate of the worth of the painting on your wall. After getting an approximate worth, take that documentation to a pawnshop. If it's a historical item that's certified or a piece of jewelry in its original box, it can only add value to have the original paperwork, boxing or certification. Finally, haggling is expected at pawnshops.
4 - Offer quality item
Weather you are considering a sale or a loan, pawnshops usually only care for items that are valuable and high quality. For example jewelery usually holds a lot of importance at pawn shops. Selling a nice peiece of jewellery will get you around 70 to 75 percent of the price. Selling a rolex watch or high end firearms would end up getting 85 percent. On the other hand, inexpensive households items that lose value as time goes are not even worth the effort. This includes microwave ovens, appliances and such.
How can I find pawn stores near me and their phone numbers?
The best way to locate the pawn stores around you along with their information is to use the search bar at Our website contains a list of all the pawnbrokers in your city including their contact information, reviews and special deals offered by them.
Can one sell tools at pawn stores?
It depends on what pawn store you go to. Some pawn stores will accept tools as long as they are in good condition. On the other hand, some pawn stores wont even look at tools. A lot of times, pawn stores prefer a specific brand of tools due to their popularity and ease to sell. Hence, it is always recommended to call the store before you go down there with your priced possessions.

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